The    Rainforest    Action    Group    (RAG)    of    Excelsior    Springs    &    Liberty

Welcome! You have reached the official homepage for The Rainforest Action Group of Excelsior Springs and Liberty! This is a very new non-profit organization. Our goal is to get the communities of Excelsior Springs and Liberty involved in the urgent fight to prevent any further destruction of the rainforest. If you are a member of the group then this page is trying to provide any information you might need. If what you're looking for isn't listed here then I encourage you to e-mail me and tell me about it. If you are not a member of this Rainforest Action Group and you are in the area please see the membership information. If you're just passing through let this be an opportunity to learn more about the rainforest or to join RAN. (the rainforest action network) Please give us your ideas and commments.. blah blah blah you know the routine. Thanx!

Contact Information

To contact me you can find me on IRC (EFNet) under the nick LeiLu or LeiLu- . Also on ICQ.. User #:2601497 Or.. you can e-mail us at: < >

What's here..

Basic Rainforest Information
Membership information
From Us to You...

More stuff will be up soon..

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