This is what we are trying to save.

Try to imagine yourself here. It's beautiful. It holds the most diverse selection of plants and animals in the world. It has seen entire empires rise and fall and it has sheltered it's native people that are still there now. The rainforest holds hundreds of valuable products that are use in beauty products, food, and medicine. We can obtain these products easily without damaging the fragile ecosystem. A large amount of these products can be found in only the rainforest. It has helped us for thousands of years, now it's your turn to help it.Please do you part to protect it. Register yourself with RAN as a memeber, or register your own local Rainforest Action Group. Educate yourself and join in the fight. Thanx.
- April Graham & Cassie Bolan [ Rainforest Action Group of Excelsior Springs & Liberty]

You're saving it from this..

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